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Human rights education workshops in schools

5 Luglio 2024

The CISDA ETS association organizes free human rights education workshops in schools.

The workshops can easily be included in Civic Education programs.

Starting from the 2005 school year, CISDA has carried out activities of this type in numerous schools in Milan and the province, and throughout the national territory where the presence of volunteers allows it. Alternatively, online connections have been created. The CISDA operators agree on working hours and methods with the teachers.

The primary objective of the training interventions is to encourage a process of critical in-depth analysis that can have repercussions on the process of acquiring active citizenship skills.

If requested and compatibly with organizational needs, it is possible to offer schools the direct testimony of some Afghan activists from the associations that CISDA supports. These meetings are generally well attended and leave an indelible mark on the growth experience of the children involved.

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